Drop “YAGA” As Your Comment If You Think IGHALO Is A Useless Player

95% of the Comments on Social media suggests that Ighalo has a hand in the misfortune that struck the Super Eagle team against Argentina last night.

Nigerians are not smiling with their comments at all. The Swear, hate speech and all can make one commits suicide if not strong enough.

We sincerely need to take a Chill pill and let this slide away. We should focus on how to pack our bags and baggages and leave Russia before we start experiencing issues of “Hotel rooms Payment”

Some are already using the word “Useless Player” for Ighalo already.

Do you agree with them?

Comment YAGA if you think Ighalo is a Useless Player.

Comment NAH if you think Ighalo is a useful player.

Drop your comments.

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