2020 or 2021? Which Year Is The Worse According To How Things Get To You?

Average beings in the world pray to never come across a year like 2020 till death do us part

The year 2020 comes with so many disasters as pandemics hit the world so hard, a widespread disease that started slowly from China in 2019.

Nigeria is one of the countries that suffer the most in the year 2020 as a protest against Police Brutality affected the economy of the nation and as well claimed many lives across the state.

Average Nigerians prayer on the night of 31st (crossover night) is to have a better year than the year 2020.

2021 has come and we are still battling with a lot of things, COVID-19 is still there (standing gidi gba like Bonucci). Are you aware the second phase of its upgrade is now in Nigeria? UNILAG has been shut down because of this.

Should we talk about the insecurity that has eaten the Nation badly? Or the breakup the three tribes are agitating for?

The price of everything is so immense and unaffordable for the general public. Imagine the price of a standard cup ‘derica’ of rice in my area is now N600.

I can’t even differentiate which year is worse. Am tired 

Which Year Is The Worse According To How Things Get To You? 2020 or 2021?

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