5 Ways To Avoid Being Arrested And Harassed By SARS Officials (No. 3 Is Very Important)

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The issue of SARS arresting, harassing and molesting innocent youths is becoming alarming.

Normally, if someone is mistaken to be a yahoo boy or cultist, shebi you will leave the person and let him or her go in peace, in SARS case they will make sure you go in pieces.

In most cases, they will beat you, collect your hard earned money and that’s if they don’t kill you.

Let’s not lie to ourselves, we’ve already find ourselves in this rubbish system called Nigeria, the least we can do is find every possible means to survive by avoiding SARS brutality in everyways possible.

If you can do these 5 things, you will not be a victim of SARS brutality:-

1. Dress Responsibly

Don’t be surprised if you have dreads on your head and you see SARS chasing you. Forget it, they have already marked you as either a yahoo boy or Cultist.

At that point, even your ID card won’t save you, if they check your phone and don’t find anything incriminating, then you have to bail yourself out.

They will give you bail price and you start negotiating. After making you suffer, they will strip you of all cash you have at hand and if possible follow you to ATM point for withdrawal.

So, dress as responsible as you can, don’t wear crazy jeans, remove your dreads, erase your tattoos.

Avoid any extravagant dressing style and dress as normal as you can.

2. Avoid Late Night Movement

The SARS guys do the dirtiest jobs in the night.

In the day, they still apply some sense but in the night, they throw their sense away and do anything they like.

If SARS should arrest you in the night, they will tell you to your face that you will be killed and a big crime will be placed on your head.

So, whether you’re a criminal or not, you will have to do according to their wish or else, your life might be in danger.

Therefore, avoid late night movement as much as you can, these SARS guys can be very deadly at night forget who you are or who you know.

Dem no send!!

3. Don’t Drive Benz

If God bless you legitimately and one of your biggest wishes is to buy Benz, maybe you should think twice as these SARS guys no dey carry eye see Benz, even if it is Benz c240.

The SARS guys are always on Lekki-Epe expressway here always chasing Benz owners and drivers on the road.

They recently chased Mayorkun on the road recently and according to the singer, he has not been driving his Benz because of these SARS guys and the very day he decided to pull up in the BENZ, he got the hot chase by SARS as expected.

Zlatan too has been chased, stopped and harassed many times.

So, to avoid embarrassment and extortion from SARS, you can buy latest Toyota, Lexus or any other brands of cars but not Benz.

4. Avoid Going Out With Expensive Gold-chains And Jewelry

It’s good to wear expensive Gold chainsCuban and lots more but bear in mind that SARS officials ‘no dey carry eye see expensive shit’.

Once they see you with original gold chains, whether you’re legit or not, you’re automatically their customer.

For the sake of your fine face and peaceful movement within the country, invest your money on other things because if SARS officials catch you, you will not only loose your expensive Cuban or Gold Chains, you will also be brutally dealt with.

5. If They Stop You, Be Confident And Don’t Argue

If for any reason, SARS officials stop you on the road or anywhere, you will need to be confident and be-careful not to get into hot argument with them.

After stopping you, let them know you’re not a criminal and quickly let them know you are willing to reason them with something.

At that point, they will quickly understand that they don’t need to stress before getting what they want (money) from you.

Peacefully, negotiate how much you can give them and move.

If you argue with them or try to form say you sabi fundamental human rights, they will treat you bad, the least you will do in the end is to narrate your ordeal on social media with #EndSARs harshtag.

The End!!

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