Creating the sound of life that resonate clarity and creativity.

Kas-D-Records is considered as one of the leading recording studios in Nigeria with a successful track record. The company was founded in Malaysia in the year 2014 by Africa entrepreneur Karape Aina solomon popular known as Kas and moved started its branch in Nigeria in 2017. It was his vision to take over the entire music recording field and become the best studio in Nigeria and entire Africa. They are offering first-rate recording facilities to Nigerian singers by having on board some of the most talented people. These creative professionals have years of experience in the fields of sound design, mixing and editing, and music composition. They are using the latest tools to produce the best possible results. The company has become one of the most sought-after music and sound facility providers not just in Malaysia but in Nigeria as well.

At Kas-D-Records, we assist you throughout your music recording project from pre-production to final recording and post-production steps. Our creative solutions are being sought by the top media companies in the country. Whether it is a commercial you need on an urgent basis, a simple audio recording, or a complicated sound project, our professionals are always ready to deliver their best. They are equipped with the necessary tools and machinery to produce results that are according to our customers’ expectations.

In the music industry, creativity and originality are of utmost importance when it comes to measure the success of any project. We totally understand this philosophy and strive to make your project successful by providing everything you might need in order to fulfil your requirements. Because of this reason, our studio is considered the most successful and unique studio in Nigeria. We have not done away with vintage equipment because we believe in making use of the best technology combined with traditional recording facilities to product the most favourable results. We also make use of modern software tools to enhance the quality and final output.

Kas-D-Records is known for its struggle to bring back the golden age of music recording where the sound with its pitch and frequency was given preference over modern musical instruments. By following this method, we keep the artist, the producer and the composer on the front foot so that they may outshine their competitors. Our studio is known as a hybrid studio because it combines the classic Neve and Warm Audio preamps with modern technology and real-time digital handling. Our industry standards monitors and large studio monitors are always available to the artist so that they may enjoy the benefits of both.

With such a wide range of available choices, you don’t have to waste time in deciding which equipment to use. Kas-D-Records offers all types of sound facilities like M-Adios Bx8 carbon, overdubbing, full live band tracking, editing, post production, and mixing. Whether it is the mixing of your latest album or cutting a basic track for personal use, we can handle it at Kas-D-Records. Our analog outboard equipment in the control room is one of the best in the field. With a number of plugins and other customization options, this equipment offers the most impressive palette of sonic colors; unlike any other studio in Malaysia or Nigeria.

We strive to provide our customers with a world-class recording experience no matter what their recording needs are. From a solo music producer to a full-fledged rock band, everyone can benefit from our range of recording facilities, tools, expertise, and equipment. Our competent sound engineers are able to create the exact sound you’re looking for by making use of not just the equipment but also their own expertise in the field. From a wide selection of microphones and kit, we specialize in both digital and analog musical fronts. Because of this reason, we are able to provide services to all types of clients; people who are running private projects to full-scale bands and artists who have become global music icons and everyone in the world recognizes them.

Our packages are completely customized to suit your specific requirements. Our expert team of sound engineers and editors are trained to conduct live shows and concerts and they also help the clients grow a social media fan following. Our team comprises of not just engineers but also DJs and music producers who keep contributing to our studio’s growth.

We take pride in being the launcher of Hoti Hoti by Jayson Kay and Immortal by Sauce Jo. We have also released Gbedu, Highlevel by Jayson and Don’t Give Up by Sauce Jo. Once you become a Kas-D-Records client, you always stay a devotee!

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