Danny S warns Zlatan Ibile not to compare Zanku to Shakushaku

Danny S send a warning letter to Zlatan on his recent post on IG that not to compare Zanku to Shakushaku

Shaku Shaku dance is the latest step trend in the Nigerian music industry. And it seems people can just get over it. It has become a growing trend and for now, there is no sign that it will die down anytime soon. So we have decided to tell you about the origin and history of the dance and how it has taken over the mainstream media.

When it comes to Nigeria songs, something you cannot take away from them are the unique dances steps that come with various beats and sounds. Over the years, there have been many popular dance steps introduced by various artists. Some of these dance steps include Yahoozee, Kukere, Shoki, among many others.

In 2017, a new dance step took over in Nigeria, thanks to popular Nigeria rap superstar Olamide popularly known as Badoo. Shaku Shaku dance is a street dance. The dance steps are like the steps of a drunk person or someone who has smoked copious amounts of weed. It is done by stretching out the arm and crossing them over each other in front with the legs widened out and launching into a graceful half-galloping. The rest routine in the dance is more of a freestyle. The dance has even been tagged as the Nigerian Gangnam style.

Although the dance is credited to Olamide, the truth is that he is not the inventor of the dance. But he played the major role in the crossing over of the dance to the mainstream media.

The dance originated in the streets. According to DJ Real, Shaku Shaku name is for street guys, and the dance was named after their particular style of dances when they are drunk or have smoked weed. The DJ thinks that the dance comes from Agege area in Lagos state.

After months of trending beneath the surface, Olamide who has a reputation for bringing the street into the mainstream media used Shahku Shaku dancers in the video of his hit song “Wo”. The dance started to become popular. But the main breakthrough of Shaku Shaku by Olamide came after the fourth edition of his annual Olamide Live in Concert (OLIC 4) show. Instead of holding the concert at the popular Eko Hotel convention centre, he held the show on the mainland at the Teslim Balogun Stadium. The concert showcased some of the best street records of 2017 by artists like Dj Real, Slimcase, Dj Enimoney with the dance showcased in front of more than ten thousand people.

By the end of 2017, the Internet was filled with different videos of people doing the Shaku Shaku dance including popular artists like Davido, Dj Cuppy, Tiwa Savage, Danny S Wizkid.

Olamide Shaku Shaku dance has now become a trend in all the songs released in since then. The dance has inspired or has been showcased in many other songs since it became popular. Some of the songs synonymous with Shaku Shaku includes Dammy Krane “Shaku Shaku”, Idowest’s “Omo Shepeteri” (featuring Slimcase and Dammy Krane), Mr. Real’s “Legbegbe”, Slimcase’s “Oshozondi”, Small Doctor’s “This Year”, Zlatan Ibile’s “My Body” (featuring Olamide), Cashwale’s “Handkerchief” and Reminisce’s “Problem” and many more.

How to dance Shaku Shaku dance

As Shaku Shaku is the current trending dance step in Nigeria today, everyone wants to know how to make the moves.

Find a song with a beat and sound that goes with the Shaku Shaku dance because rhythm is key when it comes to dance moves. Almost all the latest songs seem to flow with the dance steps seamlessly. So finding one shouldn’t take time. You can just select one of the songs listed above.

The dance starts with you standing with your legs astride. Then stretch your arm forward slightly crossed over each other. Then try to make a false or unfinished leg over movement to the right and then to the left. Your upper body will move slightly in sync in either direction of your legwork. Repeat the leg over movement at least three times on both legs. Then you will make a hand movement like you are pulling the cord of a generator. You can try various head movement while doing the leg over movement in sync. Finally, you do a quick squat once or two times successively while you pull out your legs as you rise up. Then you repeat the routine all over again. The Shaku Shake dance steps are not rigid, so you can freestyle it anyhow you want it as long as you do the basic things explained above. You can watch various Shaku Shaku dance videos on YouTube to see how people have mixed it.

Shaku Shaku dance will one day fade away like other dance that came before it. But before another one takes over, enjoy this one while it lasts. And if you can’t seem to get the dance, don’t feel too bad, you are not the only one out there. You can keep trying though.

Watch the Video Below

In Burna Boy’s new song,the ‘Zanku’ crooner,Zlatan Ibile, was featured. Zlatan had the opportunity to throw a little shade at Slimcase. At exactly 2:14 minutes in the song,Zlatan stated that he introduced ‘Zanku’ to the street, he further said that ‘Zanku’ made ‘Shaku Shaku’ vibe to fade away. Alternatively, he is trying to boast about using his Zanku talent to shut down Slimcase’s career.

In an interview conducted which featured Slimcase,he described himself as “the vehicle to drive shaku shaku to the world”, well it appears the vehicle’s tire was deflated by Zlatan Ibile because right now,’Zanku’ is obviously chasing Shaku Shaku out from the street. Once upon a time, everyone was dying to “Shaku“ on the beat, but right now, all you need to be “lit” is to master the Legwork of “Zanku”. 2018 has been lit with the sudden surface of ‘Zanku’ dance, thanks to the pioneer, rapper, Zlatan Ibile.

This year brought a new viral sensation to town, the “Zanku” dance which requires more effort than the likes of Shoki, Shakiti Bobo, Sekem, Dab and others that we’ve had in the past. The viral Zanku move swept the nation since its emergence and soon people found they could adapt this move to as many songs. Not far fetched, music producers and singers across the country now record their music projects to properly suite the rhythmic dance.We were introduced to the ‘Zanku’ dance move in October 2018 by Alleluyah’s recording artiste, Zlatan Ibile who released a song with the same name.

Since emergence, Zanku dance swept the nation and soon people found they could adapt this move to other songs. Singers and music producers switch their melody to suite the rhythmic dance, and at every party, the DJ is cranking up the volume, and on the dance floor, the best Zanku master becomes the celebrity. It’s erroneous to believe that Zanku will break the internet because of the energetic moves only, it’s breaking the internet for something else which is new. On Nov 29, a widely followed music page, Trace TV created awareness of the move that was incorporate it into Nigerian music.

Which of this dancing step is your favorite and why did you like it?

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