Football Lovers!!! Will Real Madrid Win Their 4th Champion League In A Row Now That Zidane Is Gone?

My friend once told me that if Real Madrid wins the UCL May 2019, then the competition is totally flawed or better said is fixed.

But come on…..

What if the experience still helps them conquer other teams in the UCL (remember they weren’t the best team last season but the advantage of experienced and hungry-for-UCL trophy players were in board)…

What if they play and defeat all other teams without any suspected foul play or referees helping them with suspicious penalties…

What if they get so lucky and avoid all the big and strong European teams and then play the finals and win( we all know Madrid hardly loses any final they have played in the last 5 years)..

The “what if’s” are just too much..

Any team can claim the prestigious UCL trophy in 2019 and Real Madrid is definitely one the big guns.

Madrid can still repeat what they did in the early stages of UCL winning 5 consecutive UCL titles; that’s the problem of winning because once you start, you can’t just stop, you just go on winning.

The rate at which clubs are buying players shows that the next UCL season will be very competitive..

Here are some of the favorites to lift the 2019 UCL trophy:-

They missed the trophy twice to the Spanish super powers of Barcelona and Madrid in 2015 and 2017 respectively.

Now they signed “Mr. Champions league “ himself and want him bring the trophy back to Turin.

Though they haven’t been impressive since thier last 2015 victory at the UCL, their recent signings are an indication that they are tired of being labelled local champions and now want to take Europe by storm as they did before.

Manchester city
Pep Guardiola is yet to test continental success since his miracle at barca.

He couldn’t repeat the feat at Bayern Munich..

But now it seems his City squad are the best to lift this year UCL trophy..

See the depth of their squad, see their new signings.. They really mean business.

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