Inspirational Poem: AYBIL


_Bonjour_ Africa!
Oh, I thought we just woke up?
Thirty billion in some pouch
Whilst thirty million weep blood _ni ẹrú._
Black orchids in xantic sweat,
Oaring Abyil who now think he is _Blanc_.
Through amber moon to _egwu_ jungle,
Travelling back in time and still here in pristine chains.
_Bawa_, so my brother calls me,
Not with words but did.
He didn’t know it was me?
Asleep since forever.
He just woke up…
Not the scabs and scars that made me look like a cheetah-like-panther-tiger seen.
So why I’m still here in chains?
In my native land. Abyss?

*_Mark Maxson_*
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