Interactive! How Do You Think We Can Reduce These Truck Drivers On Nigeria Roads?

It distresses my mind that I have to write such piece of article. I write to express my unhappy mode towards the things going on in my beloved country Nigeria, especially when it comes to how truck drivers have claimed lots of lives through their constant ignorance and non-nonchalant attitude towards the lives of the innocent Nigeria road user.

Thursday 28th June, 2018 was another day amongst several other days to be recorded in the ‘Black Book’ days of Nigeria. A day that left families and friends in tears, a day when over 50+ vehicles got burnt, a day when over 30+ lives turned into ashes within the blink of an eye and left many injured.

It happened at the popular bridge after Berger in Lagos State, Otedola Bridge precisely. You know how that bridge could be, mostly when it’s almost weekends. (Read Here)

People trying to leave Lagos to see their beloved ones and spend the weekend with them, people going out of Lagos for business trips hoping to come back the following Monday to give reports, all clustered at the Otedola bridge with tankers here and there contending the road with the average road driver.

But on this day, the situation was different, the carelessness of a truck driver driving a tank full with petrol, led to the loss of lives and properties.

According to eyewitness, the driver lost hold of the truck controls and before anyone could say JACK ROBINSON it was all in flames and exploded. This sad incidence claimed over 30 lives at the spot with many left in burns on their body.

This wasn’t the first time such incidence will happen in Lagos. Most truck drivers don’t have concern for the average car driver in Lagos.

I could remember when I was driving from Berger to Ikeja, one Sunday morning, suddenly this huge truck driver over took me in just a one lane road that was very small, on looking through my window I could see the look on the truck driver’s eyes.

The look on his eyes was an expression of no regard whatsoever for any-man’s life. He had the ‘watin one happen as I don over take you’ look. I just had to slow down for him to go.

Prayer is great, but when the law isn’t made to protect its people, our prayers will just filter through the vein.


You will be in a small car and you will see a tanker full with crude oil or gasoline on your left, looking to the right a truck hauling a container higher than 6 feet.

Now tell me, isn’t there a law that should prevent these people from traveling with the common road user at the same time?

They have been told lots of time to travel with their trucks mostly at night to reduce any form of casualties, but the spirit of ignorance takes charge and they end up putting the lives of an average road user in danger.

Thursday 28th June, 2018, will be truly a day to remember in Lagos and Nigeria at large. A day when a 33,000 liter petrol tank claimed properties worth millions and lives worth celebrating.

How Do You Think We Can Reduce These Truck Drivers On Nigeria Roads?
Written By Komolafe Daniel.

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