JOIN THE CONVERSATION!! A 17 Years Old And Teenage Friends Cuts Off GF’s Head For Money Ritual – What Were You Doing At 17?

Earlier today news broke out about three teenage boys who were caught burning the head of a girl for money ritual in Oke Aregba area of Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital.

The girl was said to be in a relationship with one of them.

Men of the Ogun State Police Command arrested the three teenagers in the early hours of Saturday following the tip-off by one Segun Adewusi, who is the community security guard.

Ever since I saw this news, I’ve been asking myself what pressure could be on a 17 years old that would made him kill for money ritual.

The society has given the young ones, especially the teenagers the impression that the only way to make money is through scam and money ritual.

How are you do this to a young promising girl at age 17👇🏻

Nobody said there should be a certain age to make money but use your brain to create something. We are at the age where internet can blow up anybody at any age.

At 17 I was just about to enter University, all I have in my head was how to get good grades in school and do a bit of fine boy in school.

So join the conversation guys👇🏻

What Were You Doing At 17?

Let’s hear from you, because this is really heartbreaking.

Drop comments.

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