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Ibile! Chinko; ah ah
We’ only talking money
Ab’o ja?
Mo ma f’ilefo t’oju yin mo’le bi Baddi Osha
Although mo wa n Gucci Gang
but am a F.uckking holigan
Nighhar trynna find me but they don’t know
where the F.uckk am at


Bo ba le d’ogun ko d’ogun
Bo ba le d’ija ko d’ija- ko d’ija…
Bo ba le d’ogun ko d’ogun
Bo ba le d’ija ko d’ija- ko d’ija…
Bo ba le d’ogun ko d’ogun
Bo ba le d’ija ko d’ija- ko d’ija…
Bo ba le d’ogun ko d’ogun
Bo ba le d’ija ko d’ija- Bodija…
Bo ba le d’ija ko d’ija


(VERSE 1- Chinko Ekun)

Tiger ti wole de; mi o gbese ran anybody
Efficient enough; mi o gbese fun anybody
Ibile lawa; eruku ni mo ba to
T’on fi bante se waist trainer
T’on fi iwo malu se walkie-talkie
A l’O Shapranpran; e n form lion
Iya yin n de n sa f’aja
Yepa; mo ni pe am a man of virtue
Ani mo rap gan
Okorocha, erect my statue

Mo ni bo ba le d’ogun ko d’ogun
Bo ba le d’ija ko d’ija
Mi o le ka iye awon demons loru t’on ma n bami ja
Water no get enemy; ko seni t’o b’omi ja
Eni ja’we s’enu, k’o sa ready lati b’Odi ja
D’isu ata yan-yan; enemies o fe gboran
Stop acting up; you too old for me
Afi bi Kanran
Eti mi n mo fi n ri ira, oju ni mo fi n gboran
Tele, bashu bashu anyhow bi omo ti o n’iran

RePeat (HOOK) & (CHORUS)

(Reminisce- VERSE 2)

Chinko; omo mi you gon’ shine when gon’ shine
Philosophy temi ni pe “nobody’s taking what’s mine”
Oro hip hop yi ti pe gan
Mo n ba bo lat’aye Fugu
Lai pe, you gon’ pull up in my crib;
been there, you know
Erin ke-ke when I hear these nigghers talking money
Saye gbangban wa ba mi; nigghers,
you gat something for me?
Ma ni k’awon Menomo dunbu e
You ain’t gat nothing on me
Ninu ere Fuji yi, man mi, ain’t nobody fallen on me
Yeba; to ba d’ogun, ko d’ogun
To ba d’ija, ko d’ija
T’o ba de n wa battle ground
Omo, mo wa n Bodija
O ma ti mo iyen tele; mi o n f’aye lo f’osi sa
T’o ba ti ka l’oju e, oya, ki n to laju k’o ti ka
A ma s’idi; t’o ba de tun pe, mo ma ni k’on fi e ka scores
Emi o worry n pa future, awon Chinko ti assure mi
Legacy mi wa n le, awon Chinko ti secure mi


RePeat (HOOK) & (CHORUS)

(Reminisce/Chinko- VERSE 3)

Ibile Movement
A n k’eruku wo caravan
Lati kekere l’awon omo mi ti di Jagaban
7 years *deep*, won si n kaye je bi Tuwo
Anybody t’o ba test, o mo, e ni duro

Mo n chill pelu Alaga
A n joko sori high table
Oni Furniture n binu cos every show, we buy table
Sare ba mi se wire; I don’t need to buy cable
Oponu t’o organise; were to ni time table

I know niggher, this topic is not for discussion
Gbe won poyi anyhow bi eni t’o fe se excursion
Ibile Ibile Ibile Ibile; you already know that
So far ti n ba wa laye, omo, mi o le di throw-back
Ah ahh

E gba mi o; mi o mo ila t’owo ko
Lyrics enu mi- divine
Blowing mi- na follow come
Pansa o fura, pansa jana; aja o fura, aja jin
Ko si b’o se buru to, o ma b’agbon ni Badagry

RePeat (HOOK) & (CHORUS)


=Yo Rexxie on this one=

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