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[Music] BNXN (Buju) – Bad Man Wicked


London was the first city I ever went to [outside Nigeria], and I got to understand what the culture was really about, in some sense—the segregation, the unity, but then still so much division. It’s a place where you have to identify yourself or you get lost. It’s almost like [that] everywhere, but it’s what I could pick out. So, ‘Bad Man Wicked’ was the first song I recorded with TSB. It’s the story of a boy in London Town for the first time. It’s the fact that this is a new place, and this is a new city, a new territory to even try and conquer. And by the grace of God, we’ve actually done that. We’ve subsequently gone past just recording that song to playing the O2 twice and having a show of my own at the Lafayette.


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