NA WA O!! My Cousin’s Baby Repeated Crèche… I’m Still In Shock!

These our future leaders don’t have it easy again o.

Yesterday, my cousin told me her son is asked to repeat crèche because from all assessments, he needs it.

I thought all they do in crèche is sleep, play and eat. I still don’t understand, How do you get an F in playing, crying and sleeping?
Which kind wahala be this? Extra session of sipping bobo and eating cheeseballs?

She and her husband finally agreed to allow their son repeat the crèche Class. After one year oh, now another year on replay.

What do you think Guys 👇👇

What Would You Do If Your  Child Is Told To Repeat A Crèche Class??, pub-9317319155239849, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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