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News: Shameful,Lagos State Government Website Shut down


The public is just getting into terms that the Official Lagos State Government Website has gone under.
The once robust and user friendly LASG website has been down for some days now. What we now see as website is a caricature of the robust and user friendly website which had well detailed information, useful documents and links about the Lagos State Government and the corresponding ministries and parastatals.
The reason behind this new development is yet to be ascertained but the biggest revelations are that Gov Ambode’s speeches since inception are no where to be found on the site. Not only that Gov Ambode’s speeches are missing, but a good number of information for public consumption had also been taken out.
For instance, all the projects undertaken by the indefatigable and performing Governor of Lagos State appears to be deleted excepted those updated from September 2016.
The state executive council’s page does not provide information regarding every member of the cabinet as it used to be. Governor’s picture and other Exco members have been deleted
Other noticeable changes include empty content of over 100 Lagos Ministries and Parastatals websites. The parastatals present have no content including News and Principal Officers’ profile.
Visible amongst the Agencies affected include: Ministry of Finance, State Treasury Office, Land Use Charge e-payment website, Ministry Of Health, Ministry Of Home Affairs,Ministry Of Housing, Ministry of Information & Strategy, Ministry of Justice,Ministry of Physical Planning & Urban Development, Ministry of Science & Technology,Ministry Of Special Duties & Intergovernmental Relations, Ministry of the Environment, Ministry Of Transportation,Ministry of Youth & Social Development and majority of the over 100 parastatals.
This sad trend was noticed when some guests had challenges in accessing the Lagos State Land use Charge payment website as one of the users lamented “this is just too bad in the 21st century, for a state like Lagos to have a shoddy website of this nature.”
We hope the situation turns around before the new week. This to a large extent has hampered a lot of activities for teeming people in Lagos.
We would like to draw the attention of those in office to do something drastic before it is too late.
We do not have to visit Alausa physically before we get things done in the days of globalisation and ICT.
Itesiwaju Eko je wa lo gun o.

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