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SERIOUS TOPIC!!! Let’s Be Sincere Here – Did Osinbajo Really Betray Tinubu?


Vice President Osinbajo and Bola Tinubu have come a long way and they both share almost the same thing together – Always wanting more.
The ties that bind them are nothing but shared commitments to public service. Certainly, those ties don’t have to break because both of them are seeking the same elective post.

Did Osinbajo Really Betray Tinubu?
Osinbajo did not betray Asiwaju Bola Tinubu contrary to the claim in some quarters that the VP shouldn’t have joined the race for the All Progressives Congress (APC) ticket, given that it was Tinubu who shot him into political limelight

The first step he did was by appointing him as Commissioner for Justice and Attorney General for Lagos State and later nominating him as running mate to President Muhammadu Buhari in the 2015 election.

We all knew Tinubu used Osinbajo as a joker in Buhari’s camp. Because Tinubu hates loosing, he would have rather settled to be Buhari’s Vice had he known he would win the 2015 election.
If you loose money, you loose nothing and you can easily get more if you do the right thing as a politician in Nigeria but how will you get more if you are not in power?

One of the hardest thing to loose in life is power and being a positive minded and greatness driven personality that Osinbajo is, Wanting to get better is not a bad thing. Trying his hands on a higher post is not a bad thing.

Being a young and broad minded politician who still have a lot to offer, He is only being human because it is not an easy thing retiring to nothing after serving excellently as the vice President.

During the campaigns of the election, Osinbajo tried his best to avoid saying things to hurt Tinubu but when Tinubu kept on building and taking glory for Osinbajo’s success and with the way everyone sees him as a puppet for Tinubu, he has to redeem his image by saying he has no political Godfather.

He had to redeem his image and make everyone know he doesn’t take directive from anyone before doing what is right.

Osinbajo had to move his APC membership from Lagos state to Ogun state in 2021, a step which was made open with the intention to run for presidency. He wouldn’t want to share boundaries with his political boss which is is a very great step he took.

Now as yourself this question:-
If you were in Osinbajo’s shoes, would you rather not try your political abilities to see if you can get better than you currently are? Would you retire to something else after this tenure? Not everyone will be like Ambode, Jonathan.

If there is anyone who has betrayed Tinubu then it should be Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola. He boldly disgraced Tinubu.

Called him different sort of names and has worked secretly againt the election of Tinubu as the flagbearer of APC.

So Guys, the Question here is

Did Vice President Osinbajo Really Betray Tinubu?
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