This Olamide New Tattoo On The Face Will Make Him Lose His Fans – DO YOU AGREE?

Badoo Just keeps getting bad erryday! Is going to be the baddest pretty soon. 😂😂

Olamide got a new tattoo on the face and it has been on him for quite sometime now and nobody is even reacting to it.

One of my homeboy  a Die Hard Olamide Fanper excellence saw this Olamide picture above and said to me “I started disliking badoo after he got that tattoo on the face

At first I was like “Fvck your thinking” , cause that same tattoo on Olamide’s face was swaggalicious to my own eyes. But everybody has his/her own opinion though.

See another photo below:-

So Guys 👇

Do You Think This Olamide’s Tattoo On His Face Is Sexy Or Trashy?

Will The Tattoo Has A Negative Influence On His Fan Base? As He Just Lost One

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