We Are 50 Boys & 49 Girls In Hookup Group…Instead Of Adding One Girl To Balance it, They Removed Me

Hello Guys,

I’ve been thinking this through all day. I’m yet to understand what could be the reason for such bad decision by the group admins.

Last week I was added into a hookup group on WhatsApp via a link that was shared to me. I felt special to be among the 50 guys chosen to be invited since this group was exclusively filled with 49 beautiful ladies and 50 dope looking guys.

This morning I woke up to find out I have been removed from the WhatsApp group. I have been making plans to patronize the hookup ladies in the group this weekend o.

I still don’t know why they removed me. So sad, I enjoyed the one week being part of the group😢😞


Why Do You Think The Admin Removed Me From The Group?

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