Why Does Everyone Hate Naira Marley?

Or, the better question might be, why does everybody love him?
The relationship most music fans have with popular rapstar, Naira Marley, can be described as a love-hate situation.

They hate him, for being overtly audacious, for having highly controversial views and how he doesn’t care about anybody. Yet, they love him because, above all things, he’s a talented dude.

Besides being talented and knowing his onions when it comes to the rap thing, it’s as though people love him because other people hate him.

So, the way he’s viewed by the general public and what people say about him on, social media can be said to be totally hypocritical.

He’s a menace to the society. Maybe. But then, what does he do that no one hasn’t done before? He smokes weed? Millions of people smoke weed, and the country isn’t burning for that. In fact, so many other celebrities smoke weed and don’t get crucified for it.

He talks about sex explicitly? Okay, Reminisce has done so for many years, Lil Kesh did it, Niniola is particularly loved for doing that. So what’s the fuss all about, why do people hate Naira Marley?

It all boils down to how you wanna look at it all. For one, it’s hypocrisy. Now, while that is something most people eschew, it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

All the things Naira Marley is hated for, his public image, his x-rated lyrics, all of it, are things that are generally frowned at in our pious society.

It’s only right that when someone comes out boldly and champions all of those vices, people shouldn’t exactly praise him for doing that. So, what do people do? They love Naira Marley in secret.

Naira Marley today is actually one of the biggest artists to ever come out of Nigeria. His entrance and immediate dominance in the music industry is something that should be studied.

He came in like a boss, and became a boss. Nobody could call him kid, he wasn’t no kid, he was a big man from the start.

His music, which is characterized by raw lyrics, up-tempo instrumentals and use of street slangs, is very conceptual and if you listen to him well enough, you’ll know he’s a top notch lyricist.

All of his songs have concepts and storylines and are interesting, and you can’t say otherwise.

That’s why when “Coming,” a song he did about sex, that featured Busiswa, went to Number 1 on the Apple Music Charts, everyone started wondering “who is listening to Naira Marley?”

The correct answer to that question will be, “aren’t we all?” Because last I checked, songs don’t stream themselves.

Be Honest, Did You Enjoy Naira Marley’s “Coming”?

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