Why You Should Not Charge Your Phone In Church

I have my reasons you should not charge your mobile cell phones in/or at the church. let me drop it.

1. Insecurity. Yes your phone might not get the best security you crave for as others too have also come to charge. hence, your phone might be misplaced or get stolen.

2. Distraction from worship. Yes, you will be distracted from looking up unto Jesus Christ and unto your maker God with which you come for your mind will be on the phone during and after worship hence, you might lose concentrations throughout.

3. Is my phone charging. Another form of distractions.

4. And i wish you keep your maybe android phone at home and focus more on God. Don’t tell me your bible is inside your android. Remember the 3rd commandment “keep the sabbath day holy”.

5. You do not want to change your phone screen sooner or later. Some persons might crash match your phone when charging was over, when everyone is struggling to collect phone at the same time.
Happy Sunday all.

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