“Zazoo Zeh” Once Again Confirms Olamide’s Status As King On The Streets

Olamide’s influence on the streets has come under question recently after the popular rap star turned pop star switched up his vibe completely.

His last two projects, “Carpe Diem” and “UY Scuti” have been a huge shift from the street vibes Olamide has been known for dropping over the years.

Although he has made quite a number of hits in the past eighteen months, there’s hardly been any that is primarily a street-hop banger or anything of that sort.

Before last year, Olamide was always putting out bangers, especially towards the end of the year when everywhere is festive and the streets are hot with bops from several other artists who know the game.

But last year, he became someone else. Just a singer with some mellow vibes. Deep into this year too, he continued his streak starting from the release of his smash hit, “Rock.”

Anyway, whether Olamide‘s ever going to come back to feed the streets is entirely up to him and whatever trajectory he’s currently on. But on the question of whether Olamide still has the sauce to put out materials that will take over the streets, well, I’ll very much like to say yes, he’s still got it.

This new rave, “Zazoo Zehh” by a previously unknown ‘artist’, Portable, is all Olamide‘s handiwork, and it’s beautiful to see. Say whatever you want to say about the track, or the artist, or about Olamide. In fact, dislike the hit. You still cannot deny the fact that Olamide has managed to make something so street so hot. He did it again.

Liking it or not is a personal thing, but Olamide has declared it a hit, best believe it’s a hit. And what’s more, it’s right on time for detty December!

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