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Gist: Morning Teaser ‘My wife invited her brothers to beat me up after a quarrel’


Austin is contemplating divorcing his wife of six years after she invited her brothers to beat him up following a domestic quarrel.


“Dear StreetLoaded,

My name is Austin and I have been married for six years with two children, but now, it seems the time to call it quits so that my brothers-in-law do not kill me as they have vowed.

My wife, Alaba, is the only female in a family of eight with seven males and she is seen as the baby of the house, even though there are two younger ones behind her, and growing up with seven men must have turned her into a kind of a tomboy.

Alaba has always been strong headed but she loved me in her own way. Though we have had issues once in a while, what she did three months ago that landed me in the hospital with a broken leg and arm has made me have a rethink on the marriage.

It happened that we had a quarrel and for the first time, I slapped her and, realizing what I did, I immediately apologized, promising that such would never happen again. But instead of my wife to just let it go, she told me I would regret ever raising my hand on her.

I thought she was going to punish me the only women know how to punish men by either refusing to cook for me or refusing to allow me sleep with her but unknown to me, she had put a call to her brothers who stormed my house late that night.

When four of her brothers barged into our house, I sensed there was going to be trouble but I still welcomed them as my in-laws. The youngest of them all, a 25-year-old loafer who is known for getting into trouble almost every week, held me by my throat and asked why I slapped his sister.

I tried to explain that we had a quarrel which is normal between a husband and wife but that did not go down well with them as they descended on me, beating the hell out of me that night. At the end of the pummelling, I ended up with a broken arm and leg, three broken ribs and bruises all over my face.

I spent two months and two weeks in the hospital though my wife was the one who took care of me all through but I am scared for my life because my brothers-in-law have vowed to kill me the next time I even shout at my wife.

Her parents, uncles and the other three brothers have been begging me to forgive the four but my lawyer and family insist I should sue them to court for the assault.

I don’t think I can continue with a woman who would invite her brothers to attack her husband.


Dear readers, on Morning Teaser today, what option do you think Austin should take to seek redress?

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